Алек Болдуин

Алек Болдуин

Личная информация

  • Имя при рождении: Alexander Rae Baldwin III
  • Рост: 5' 11" (1,8 m)



Alec Baldwin is the oldest, and best-known, of the four Baldwin brothers in the acting business (the others are Stephen Baldwin, William Baldwin and Daniel Baldwin). Alexander Rae Baldwin III was born on April 3, 1958 in Massapequa, New York, the son of Carol Newcomb (nee Martineau) Baldwin and Alexander Rae Baldwin Jr., a high school teacher and football coach at Massapequa High School. He is of English, Irish, French, Scottish, and German descent. Alec Baldwin burst onto the TV scene in the early 1980s with appearances on several series, including The Doctors (1963) and Тихая пристань (1979), before scoring feature film roles in Forever, Lulu (1987), Битлджюс (1988), Деловая женщина (1988), Замужем за мафией (1988) and Ток-радио (1988). In 1990, Baldwin appeared in the first on-screen adaptation of the “Jack Ryan” character created by mega-selling espionage author, Tom Clancy. The film, Охота за Красным Октябрем (1990), was a box office and critical success, with Baldwin appearing alongside icy Sean Connery. Unfortunately, Baldwin fell out with Paramount Studios over future scripts for “Jack Ryan”, and subsequent Ryan roles went to Harrison Ford. Baldwin instead went to Broadway to perform “A Streetcar Named Desire”, garnering a Tony nomination for his portrayal of “Stanley Kowalski” (he would reprise the role in a 1995 TV adaptation). Baldwin won over critics as a lowlife thief pursued by dogged cop Fred Ward in Майами Блюз (1990), met his future wife Kim Basinger while filming the Neil Simon comedy, Привычка жениться (1991), starred in the film adaptation of the play, Прелюдия к поцелую (1992) (in which he starred off-Broadway), and made an indelible ten-minute cameo as a hard-nosed real estate executive laying down the law in Гленгарри Глен Росс (Американцы) (1992). He also made a similar tour-de-force monologue in the thriller, Готова на всё (1993), as a doctor defending his practices, in which he stated, “Let me tell you something: I am God”. Demand for Baldwin’s talents in the 1990s saw more scripts swiftly come his way, and he starred alongside his then-wife, Kim Basinger, in a remake of the Steve McQueen action flick, Побег (1994), brought to life the famous comic strip character, Тень (1994), and starred as an assistant district attorney in the civil rights drama, Призраки Миссисипи (1996). Baldwin’s distinctive vocal talents then saw him voice US-aired episodes of the highly popular UK children’s show, Паровозик Томас и его друзья (1984), plus later voice-only contributions to other animated/children’s shows, including Клерки (2000), Кошки против собак (2001), Последняя фантазия (2001) and Губка Боб – квадратные штаны (2004). In the early 2000s, Baldwin and Basinger endured an acrimonious break-up that quickly became tabloid fodder but, while his divorce was high-profile, Baldwin excelled in a number of lower-profile supporting roles in a variety of films, including Жизнь за кадром (2000), Перл Харбор (2001), Тормоз (2003) (for which he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor), Авиатор (2004), А вот и Полли (2004) and Отступники (2006). As he was excelling as a consummate character actor, Baldwin found a second career in television comedy. Already known for his comedic turns hosting Субботним вечером в прямом эфире (1975), he essayed an extended guest role on Уилл и Грейс (1998) in 2005 before taking on what would arguably become his most famous role, that of network executive “Jack Donaghy”, opposite Tina Fey in the highly-acclaimed sitcom, Студия 30 (2006). The role brought Baldwin two Emmy Awards, three Golden Globes, and an unprecedented six Screen Actors Guild Awards (not including cast wins). Continuing to appear in films as Студия 30 (2006) wrapped up its final season, Baldwin was engaged in 2012 to wed Hilaria Baldwin (aka Hilaria Lynn Thomas); the couple married on June 30, 2012.

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