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Chloe Coleman – 9 years old – SAG / AFTRA Chloe Coleman (born November 23, 2008) is an American child actor based in Los Angeles, California. She’s known for her portrayal of Skye Carlson in HBO’s award-winning series Big Little Lies directed by Jean-Marc Vallee (Season 1) and Andrea Arnold (Season 2). Prior to that Chloe appeared as Idit Obadya in Amazon’s Transparent, as well as Zoe Sturgis on ABC’s Superstore. Yet to be released films include James Cameron’s Avatar 2 where Chloe plays the young version of Lo’ak, and Pupstar: Christmas where Chloe voices the spirited character of Charlie. In the recently picked up Amazon series Upload, directed by Greg Daniels, Chloe portrays Neveah, alongside Robbie Amell. One of Chloe’s favorite roles she’s had the chance to play is the half-alien Marie Schuhart in the pilot Roadside Picnic, directed by Alan Taylor for Sony Pictures Television. Of Eastern European, English & African descent, Chloe began acting at 5 years old when cast on GLEE for Fox, as a ballerina dancer. In her spare time, Chloe loves to draw, dance, play the piano, as well as edit & direct movies with her friends. Chloe’s a competitive swimmer and straight A student, who has a lot of faith in our world and the people in it.

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