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Линетт Бомонт

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Linette Beaumont appeared on Endeavour V (2018) as Paulette Thursday, sister-in-law to Detective Thursday (Roger Allam) and wife to Charlie (Phil Daniels). This followed her portrayal of Cherish Hylton on EastEnders (2016) and her lead role as Eva, a tormented ex-wife in the award-winning film The Prowler. Her work on Prowler earned acclaim and she won Best Lead Actress in a Short Film, 2017 Best Shorts Competition California; Best Performance, Toronto Film Festival 2017; nominee, Best Lead Actress, Madrid Film Festival 2017. The film won Best British Film 2016 in the U.K. Linette’s trademark emotional versatility earned her in the lead in Melody’s Tune (2018, pre-production) and led writer-director Daniel Yost (co-writer, Drugstore Cowboy) to cast her as a dysfunctional mother,Wanda, who abandons her daughter on the streets. The girl imagines a soothing good mother, Lulu, who is also played by Linette. The veteran of British TV and graduate of the Drama Centre London hit the stage at age 3 as a classical ballet dancer. Her late father, chief herdsman at the Hatfield House and her late mother, an opera singer from New Zealand, instilled a love of stories in Linette during her early childhood along the coast near Essex. Tragedy struck when her father fell ill and died when she was 12 and the family settled in public housing. Linette worked to help support the family and pursued the arts, dancing into her 20s until a glass shard cut a ligament in her foot, but the setback opened a door to acting and studies at Drama Centre London. Before she graduated in 2001, she was cast opposite David Hayman in Trial and Retribution, created and written by Lynda LaPlante. Success also came on the stage where her interpretation of Lady Macbeth was hailed as a “vividly portrayed, compelling performance” (UK Theatre Network Review). In addition to television and film, Linette has performed to critical acclaim in London in productions as Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and Lady Teazle in A School for Scandal, Martha Dobie in The Children’s Hour, and Libby in Blue Window. She is lending her talents to raise funds for the charity Kids for Kids by involving performing arts schools across the U.K. and give aid to at-risk children in Sudan.

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