Симона Кирби




Simone Kirby plays Marilyn Hull in Notes on Blindness (Archers Mark), for which she was nominated as Best Supporting Actress in Film at the IFTAs 2017, and Oonagh in Ken Loach’s ‘Jimmy’s Hall’,(2014), for which she was nominated as Lead Actress in Film at the IFTAs 2015. Upcoming releases include feature films ‘Artemis Fowl’ (Disney); ‘Calm With Horses’ (DMC/Film 4) and ‘The Hole In The Ground’ (Savage Productions), and for TV: ‘Resistance’ (RTE); and ‘Silent Witness’ (BBC) Other credits in Film/TV are Irene in Peaky Blinders (BBC); Fran Banks in Mother’s Day (BBC), Tyva Hightopp in ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ (Disney), Elizabeth Morrissey in ‘England Is Mine’ (Honlodge); Debbie Collins in ‘Dark Heart’ (ITV); Liz in ‘The Flag’ (Treasure Entertainment); Sister Grace in Houdini and Doyle, (ITV/Fox); Maria Roche in ‘The Truth Commissioner’ (BBC), Annette Rane in ‘Clean Break,’ (RTE); Meet Your Neighbours (RTE), Love/Hate (RTE), Season Of The Witch (Lionsgate), X-Moor (Fyzz Facility), Single-Handed (RTE/UTV) and Geraldine in Pure Mule (RTE). Simone has also worked extensively in Theatre; at The Abbey, The Old Vic, Shakespeare’s Globe, The Gate Theatre, The Irish Rep (New York), and with Druid, Rough Magic, and many others. She was nominated for Best Actress at The Irish Theatre Awards for her performance as Mae, in Mud, with Corn Exchange. Simone has recently produced her first short film ‘Clean’ for Hatch Pictures.

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